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RCP Charities aims to aid friends in need in the film industry through events and direct donations, with 100% of the funds raised going directly to the project(s) they were pledged to. With your help, we can continue to support them and take on new projects.

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Our Donors

Special thanks to all of our donors and sponsors for 2016-2017.

  • Armando Alacon
  • In memory of Muhammad Ali
  • Chris Aliaga, Mariners Point Golf
  • Aquila Productions: Adrian, Bruce, Noelle, Jennifer & Angela
  • Andy Armstrong
  • Kevin Bailey
  • Brena Bailey, SM Film Commission
  • Scott Berlin, G&R LIVE
  • John and Felicia Bettini
  • Bob and Kevin’s Service
  • Robin Bonaccorsi
  • Brand X Stunts
  • Jill Brown
  • Andy Bryant
  • Kenneth Burke
  • Tracy Cameron
  • Curt Cannistraci
  • Walt and Carmen Capella
  • Rocky, Yvette, Cody and Kylie Capella
  • Walt and Marci Capella
  • In memory of Carmen Capella
  • In memory of Al Caputo
  • Jennifer Caputo
  • Steve Cardelini, Film Crew Services
  • Danny Champ, Champ Production Services
  • CHANCE Productions
  • Derek and Maryfrances Charnley
  • Dave Childers
  • In memory of Ray "Rocket" Churton
  • Greg Collis
  • Kathleen Courtney
  • Paul & Kari Crawford
  • Rick Cresci, Homemaid Ravioli
  • Doug Crosby
  • D3 Ski Company
  • Joe D’Agostino and Family
  • Steve Davison
  • Tim, Nikki and Emmett Dees
  • Kerry Dees
  • In memory of Carol Dees
  • Mike Dees and Family
  • Melinda Dequez
  • Lisa Dempsey
  • Mike Dickinson, Burlingame Glass
  • John Doherty
  • Danny Downey
  • In memory of David Ellis
  • Kimberly Evans
  • Mark Evans
  • Stephanie Facchini, in memory of Robert Facchini
  • Andy and Mimi Feign
  • In memory of Thomas Michael Ficke
  • The Ficke Family
  • Foreland Parts
  • Ike and Adriene Frazee
  • Tommy Goodwin
  • GP Performance Driving
  • Betty Grant
  • Martin and Joan Grosshauser
  • Cat Hannah
  • Nancy Hayes Casting
  • Rob Helgesen, Telerate Insurance Services
  • Jim Henry
  • Michael Hilow
  • International Stunt Association
  • INVNT Productions
  • Pete Jackson
  • Mary Karcz
  • Matthew Knowland - Boston Duck Tours
  • Joel Kramer
  • Fred Krein
  • Laura Leigh
  • Will Leong
  • Sue Maloy
  • Mike Martinez
  • Tara McCormick
  • In memory of Uncle Bob McCue
  • Terri McTaggart
  • Danton Mew
  • Andrew and Nahn Mew
  • Noel Miller
  • Steve Molinelli
  • In memory of Lynn Morris
  • Dana Nadeau + Ritchnak Family
  • Our friends with Napa: Jon Andrade, Dee Dee Bryon, Sammy Contreres, Rod Crooke, Brian Davis, David Dinheiro, Gus Dominguez, Julie Kitreu, Chad Locke, Cameron Monteiro, Jim Munn, Debbie Smith, Brian Thatcher
  • Joanna Napoli, Carmel Bay View Inn
  • The Narrative Group
  • Dusty Nelson
  • Ron and Katherine Nelson
  • Chris and Jennifer Nielsen
  • North Hollywood Church of Religious Science, in memory of Jan Eddy
  • Hugh O'Brien
  • Lauchlin O'Sullivan
  • Jerry Olsen, Mountain House
  • Casey Oneil
  • Mike Owen
  • Chris Palermo, in honor of
    Rex's 50th Birthday and
    Tim Rigby's 50th Birthday
  • Jim Palmer
  • Dave and Linda Parenti
  • Lucca Pasero
  • Bill Pelkey, Quantum Graphics
  • Greg and Deb Pene
  • Katy Perry
  • Kara Peterson
  • Theresa "Joni" Podesta
  • In memory of Patricia Reddick
  • Rex Reddick
  • Kelly Richardson
  • Ray Robinson, Prodigy Entertainment
  • Brady Romberg
  • Warren Saito
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • San Francisco Stunt Association
  • Courtney & Misti Schwartz
  • Michelle Sebek Christie
  • Monika & Greg Sloan
  • Steve Soma
  • Lucien Spelman
  • Joanne Storkan, Honest Engine Films
  • Stuntman’s Association of Motion Pictures
  • Paul Tan, Peninsula Golf
  • Kari Thompson
  • Gretchen Van Horne
  • Mark Vanmeulen
  • Dr. Mark Vierra & Jonathan Reiner
  • Bob Vinal, Bay Area Health Insurance
  • Lana & Lily Wachowski
  • Eddie and Chrissy Weathersby Ball
  • Eileen Weisinger
  • In memory of Scott Workman
  • Danny Wynands
  • The Yohanan Family
  • Mindy Zuckerman

In Memory of Lt. Cmdr. Walter C. Capella