Driving Reels

This page contains reels and a resume showcasing my stunt precision driving and stunt coordinating work in commercials, auto shows and corporate events. Click on the titles to view all of the different reels, each of which has been condensed to avoid repeats in action.

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Commercial Stunt Coordinating

This reel is a sample of my stunt coordinating, directing and driving work for commercials. You may recognize a few of these award-winning spots.

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Precision & Performance Driving

The difference between stunts and precision driving is doing cool stuff without wrecking the vehicles, such as driving in formations, close proximity caravans and car to car work.

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Stunt Driving

Highlights of some cool stunt driving for some of my shows, including the first 360° ground wheels to wheels in one take with a Smart car and sliding a car in front of a train.

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Car Jumps & Blind Driving

A fun mix of car jumps and what we call "blind driving" when we are hidden in a vehicle and must drive the vehicle using a video or voice direction, some very fun stuff.

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Auto Show Driving

A collection of some of the auto shows and corporate events we have done driving a wide variety of vehicles, from next year's models to the most expensive one of a kind vehicles you may never see on the road.